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Meet Elimio – your personal all-in-one guide to successful management of IBS, heartburn, acid reflux, and other digestive symptoms.

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What's it all about?

Improve your gut health

Your gut shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. Elimio is designed to help you self-manage digestive symptoms so you can live your life free of the stress, discomfort, and shame associated with gut problems.

Get a customized approach

No two guts are the same. A personalized approach to your digestive health will help determine the causes of your discomfort so you can have a customized solution to help you relieve symptoms.

The only effective way to find your triggers and reduce symptoms

Take back control of your life

Let your gut run seamlessly in the background. Replace your trigger foods with safe alternatives and never worry about bloating and other disabling symptoms again. No more feeling embarrassed, no more missing out on life.

Enjoy eating again

Make fear of food a thing of the past. Track your meals and symptoms to understand what sets off your digestive issues. Learn what to avoid and start enjoying food knowing that you won't have to "pay for it" later.

Get guidance

No more putting together scraps of confusing and contradicting information — everything you need to know about improving your gut health is in one place, just a tap away. Never feel like you have to go at it alone.

Get relief the natural way

Tired of taking pill after pill only to find that they aren't working or just making things worse? Get relief by understanding what's actually good for your gut – a natural remedy for a naturally healthy gut.

Elimio — your personal guide to a healthier gut

Dashboard app

The Elimio app provides you with the right tools to reduce digestive symptoms and regain control of your life.

Step-by-step guidance

Free yourself from constant pain by following a personalized nutrition plan. Find your triggers and reduce your symptoms for good – we'll guide you every step of the way.

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